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Debonair Design is a small studio composed of one, Debbie Burkholder. It was founded in 2000 to encompass all her creative endeavors. Because art and design have been the most important aspect of her life, she could not limit herself to any one medium. She considers creating works of art with the computer equal to painting on canvas—it all depends on the final piece.

A classically trained painter, with Bachelors degrees in business and fine art, she can create beautiful paintings as well as clever design solutions. Because she has worked in commercial real estate and law firms, she has a firm grasp of the business world and knows what it takes to add value and meet the bottom line. She has also worked as a graphic designer, both in-house and freelance, and understands the importance of brand awareness, marketing strategy, and a well-crafted ad campaign. She has won awards in both graphic design and fine art.

If you are looking for someone to conjure-up an intelligent and innovative solution to your project, contact Debbie Burkholder.